gene and grace designs and manufactures personal & home accessories in the designer's signature style of simplicity through geometry and drama through colour & contrast.


The company's design emphasis is to recycle materials, re-purpose everyday objects, re-imagine existing fashion accessories by up-cycling them and to seek opportunities for multi-functionality.


Fine, funky, fancy and fun, the designer’s style is dynamic and eclectic, influenced by diverse cultural exposure to four continents over five decades. At times unabashedly ornate, at others demure, there is an underlying theme of simple geometric shapes. She expresses drama in life and art by embracing colour, the more vibrant the better, and through striking contrasts in texture, hue, media, form as well as by playfully connecting traditional and repurposed materials. 


Designer, Layla, accredits her work to the talent she inherited genetically and the inspiration she receives in abundance courtesy of the gracious universe. Thus the company name gene and grace.


And in the spirit of gratitude, $1 from each item sold is donated to charitable organizations that apply 100% of proceeds towards sustainable education, healthcare and quality of life initiatives in developing nations.

Contact the designer to view product and for shopping and retail opportunities.